Custom Security Gates, Grilles and Fencing

Professional manufacturer and installer

Having a custom made solution is the best way to ensure a high level of security for your house while also incorporating your taste and budget. This could include custom-made gate, grilles, window bars or fencing.

Custom door security gates are a great way to maintain security while allowing light and fresh air through the doorway.

Integration of intercoms and exit buttons or specialised locks is easily accommodated within custom fencing and gates.

Our fences and gates are usually made using aluminium that offers a high strength integrity with the benefit of lightness and improved durability when exposed to the elements. Manufacturing these custom gates and fences requires specialised metal fabrication techniques such as welding and specific powder-coating processes. Traditional materials such as steel and stainless steel can also be used depending on customer requirements.

See a few styles of fencing and gates that we have produced for our customers.



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