Fashion, Function and Security: Choosing Your Door Handles | Robinson’s Locksmiths

When it comes to designing our own homes, we often only look at the big picture. But as they say, the devil is in the detail.

Doors should have the function of securing your home while adding beauty to your property. People may overlook something as straightforward as a door handle, but their importance to a home’s design and ergonomics just proves how much we should pay attention to them.

Here are the three things you should look at when shopping for door handles:

The Jewellery of Your Doors

The aesthetic function of door handles is important in upholding the theme of your home. If you have opted for a sleek and modern interior, your door hardware should most likely come with an innovative angular design that works aesthetically with the rest of your furniture. A Baroque interior, on the other hand, calls for gold finishes with intricate details on the handles that support the overall theme of the house.

Maintaining Functionality

Knowing what type of lock goes where ensures the functionality of an entire door as a part of the house. For a general passage door, a non-locking door handle would suit. Entry sets, a door handle with a key, is needed for front doors and entrances into main rooms. Privacy functions handles with integrated or separate locking functions, should go into private bedrooms and the master bedroom.

Keeping You Safe

The most important part of a door handle is its security. At Robinson’s Locksmiths, we urge our clients to give our showroom a visit and discuss their safety needs with one of our professional locksmiths. We talk about the integration between the locks before agreeing on an installation visit to ensure that we meet our client’s requirements.

Robinson’s Locksmiths offers a wide range of products and services, from security safes to residential locksmith services in Randwick. Their showroom in Woollahra also has a display of door handles that will suit your home. For more details, visit Robinson’s Locksmiths at their website.

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