Mul-T-Lock Dealer & Service Agent

Get one of the best restricted systems in the world

The Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ system is widely considered to be one of the best restricted lock systems you can get for your home or business in today’s world market. While it’s impossible to guarantee a system is impenetrable, this is as close as you are going to get.

In late 2012 Robinson’s Locksmiths finalised arrangements and training to be the first authorised Service and Sales Agent in Sydney for the world renowned Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ restricted system.


Why get the Mul-T-Lock restricted system?
Most people don’t realise how quickly a standard lock can be picked. With no restrictions on key duplication, your house is potentially an easy target for someone to get inside, without having to cause any damage.

The Mul-T-Lock system was created to combat this. Its restricted system is unique, in that it has a multi-way locking system that makes it near impossible to pick or bump, even for seasoned locksmiths.

Extra keys can only be manufactured for the owner of the system, after producing their signed Mul-T-Lock key code card and verification of their signature.

Mul-T-Lock 20 year patent
The majority of keys in the marketplace are not patent protected; this means anyone can reproduce your key and sell it to whomever they please.

The Mul-T-Lock restricted system is protected by a 20 year patent, which is registered until the year 2028. Because of this, no company can make imitation keys that fit into the Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ line, unless authorised through strict guidelines.

Which Mul-T-Lock systems is best for you?
Here at Robinson’s Locksmiths, we work with the Classic, Interactive+ and Cliq Mul-T-Lock systems. Get in touch with our friendly team to talk through which would best suit your needs.

In addition, we offer the full Mul-T-Lock range of high quality products such as padlocks, cylinders and electronics locks.

Mul-T-Lock also has a range of products to suit the needs of Commercial and Residential users. Check out their website for more details

Give us a call or drop by the shop to talk to one of our friendly staff about your Mul-T-Lock needs.