Residential Locksmithing

An invaluable home service

Our homes hold what is most dear to us – family. With our family we build up many precious memories over time, and our house can be full of items that hold huge sentimental value. It’s important to protect these items and make a place of safety for your loved ones.

Whether you’ve been locked out of your own home or plan to take your home security to the next level, Robinson’s Locksmiths are at your service. We have nine decades of experience and are trusted by homeowners, tenants and property managers. All of our locksmiths are licensed and dedicated to giving you the best solutions available.

Here’s how we help our residential customers:

Free Security Assessment

From recoding locks to cutting replacement keys, our locksmiths know which solution works best for your home. They will also offer a complimentary security assessment to highlight ways you can enhance home safety and security.

Protection from Burglary

We offer restricted lock systems for a higher level of security. This special system ensures only authorised personnel can duplicate keys.

Controlled Access

If you usually have visitors over, like a builder or a gardener, a master key system is a sound option, which allows them access into the property, but not through the front door.

Choosing the right security system for your home is an important decision. Robinson’s Locksmiths carry a wide range of products in our Sydney store locations, where our knowledgeable and friendly locksmiths can provide expert advice based on your needs.

Interested in our residential locksmith service? Call us today or drop by our shop to discuss your requirements. Our friendly team will be there to assist you.

If you need help or would like to request a quote, contact us at (02) 9363 3985. You’ll speak directly with a friendly staff member who will attend to your queries.


Have you been locked out?
Losing your keys and being locked out is a stressful time, it’s also frustrating and an inconvenience. You can rest assured that our locksmiths will get you back inside as fast as possible, without making you face huge costs of a new door, or new locks.
Improved security around your home
From the basics of installing a new lock to cutting replacement keys or recoding locks so the old keys no longer work, trust our Locksmiths to keep you secure in your home. They will also offer a free security assessment, to highlight ways you could your improve safety.
Master keys
If you plan to have regular visitors to your home, maybe a gardener or builder, you might want them to have a key to your gate, but not have access to your house. A master key system is a handy option to let them get into the property, but not through the front door.
Have you been burgled?
A burglary can be a tremendously stressful time. The invasion of your personal space and privacy can be a hard situation to overcome. At Robinson’s Locksmiths we offer higher-level security locks to give you extra peace of mind. See our Restricted Locks page for more information.
Who we help
We provide residential locksmithing services predominantly in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney to:

  • Home owners
  • Property managers
  • Strata managers
  • Tenants

Give us a call or drop by the shop to talk to one of our friendly staff about your Residential Locksmithing needs.