Restricted Key Systems

Increase your security and control

Standard locks can be picked in only a few seconds. You can change this by installing high quality restricted locks. Being a property owner or manager is a great position to be in but it can be hard to keep control of certain areas of the building with standard locks and keys. You may not want all members of staff to have access to every room.

With a restricted lock and key systems you can set it up to allow different access rights on each door. This will allow keys with low access rights to only open some doors and other keys with high or master access rights to open all doors. A common example of this in a commercial setting is where a business owner or manager can open all office doors while the junior staff don’t have access to the manager’s office or the HR office.


Why get a restricted lock system?
  • Significantly higher security with a range of tamper and pick resistant options.
  • Restrictions on copying by other locksmiths and unauthorised people.
  • You can set up a system for different access rights on each door.
How do I know my key won’t be copied?
With a restricted system, you are in control of how many keys are made and if any more can be copied. You can set up predetermined signatories, who are the only ones that will be authorised to give the go ahead on a new key being made. Without the written consent of these people, no key can be reproduced. Each key is numbered and kept securely on file. This means you will always know how many keys have been made.
Which is the best restricted lock to have?
Robinson’s Locksmiths are proud to be the first authorised service and sales agent in Sydney for the world renowned Muti-T-Lock Interactive+ restricted system. It’s widely considered to be one of the best affordable restricted system available on the world market.

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