Security Safes

Things to consider when buying a safe

It’s good to consider a few things before you come in-store. Think about what you need from your safe, so when you talk to our team, we can help you get the right safe for your needs.

  • Where is it going? Consider any size and weight limitations.
  • Will you be keeping valuables or cash inside? If so, you will have to consider the rating of the safe for insurance purposes.
  • Will you be storing important documents, media or irreplaceable sentimental items inside? If so, then you might want to consider fireproof options.
  • What storage capacity will you require?

With the above questions answered, our locksmiths can talk you through different lock options. We can provide safes with:

  • Traditional key locks
  • Combination (dial) locks
  • Digital locks
  • Biometric locks

Choosing a fireproof option and extra security is a relatively small cost when you consider the value of the items inside. Most sentimental items can never be replaced and need to be protected.

Types of safes we offer
We sell a variety of safes from small domestic models to commercial and custom made safes. We have a display in our shop of the most popular domestic safes we have available. Come and visit us to take a look.

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Customised
  • Fire proof
  • Drill resistant

To maximise security and meet any insurance needs, please come in-store to view our display and talk to one of our locksmiths about your specific needs.

Keep your valuables secure
Having a safe is the last line of defense against thieves. It’s a valuable and worthwhile purchase to make, for complete peace of mind. For a safe to be effective, it needs to be specified and installed by a professional.

Our team at Robinson’s Locksmiths can advise you on which safe will be right for you. At our Woollahra shop, we sell a variety of safes from high-end options to less expensive models.

Give us a call or drop by the shop to talk to one of our friendly staff about your Safe needs.